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Hooray! Instead of keeping your token in your online wallet or exchange wallet, it is better to keep in SBO token mobile wallet to gain profit. This can reduce the loss of profit when your coin/token down in the marketplace. When the coin market price increase, you will gain more than others.

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S Block Letter

For example you keep one bitcoin in the wallet, you will get USD650 per month average if the price of bitcoin is USD6500. If you refer a friend to join with one bitcoin too, you will get what she earn 100%. In this case he will get $650 per month and you will get $650 per month too ( 1st level direct line).

Please take note that minimum USD10+ worth of token or maximum USD50,000 shall put into the wallet in order to take the profit sharing, referral program and more. Premier pro cc 2019. Otherwise, it is just the normal wallet like blockchain.info and coinpayments.

S Blockchain

Please remember the cut off time is 12am (GMT+2). If you deposit before 12am (Switzerland time), you will get pay the next day. How to check payment arrive? Click the Earnings icon in S Key section and click Rewards icon. Touch screen up and down to referesh the app. Earnings calculation will appear first and asset will be update later after all earnings being input to the system.


S Block has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market S Block affiliate membership itself. The S Block Compensation Plan. To qualify to receive commissions in S Block, each affiliate must invest at least $300 in SBO tokens. S Block do not disclose the current internal SBO token value. Prairie 48' x 12' The Prairie design is truly transitional, complementing both modern and traditional home styles. Prairie's interior glass pane is treated with a silk-screened texture with.