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Every girl wants a youthful, fresh, plump and healthier looking skin. Some may prefer herbal methods, aka”desi totkay” while others buy the trendy skin care products. Us girls, definitely need effective products to avoid zits, pimples, acne, pigmentation, dark circles, wrinkles, uneven patches, chapped lips, dull skin and what not. All of these things mentioned are the worst nightmares for any girl out there. In this mehngai, it is very difficult to find reasonable skin care products. But in this atmosphere, affordable products for daily skin care are a must.

Multani Mud Soap comes with enriched oils and their benefits, its organic ingredients with essential oils make your skin healthy and fresh with a soft glow. $ 3.99 Multani Mud Soap (85gm) quantity. Saeed Ghani Online Herbal Product Skin Care Product single-window solution where you find the finest quality of herbal products like skin care, hair care and wonderful fragrances.

But the main question is that where can you find affordable yet renowned products to attain the perfect glow? Don’t worry and check out these 15, super affordable and handy skin care products for the perfectly smooth skin texture and radiance. Let’s get started;

Lush Organix – Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening

Lush Organix is one of my favourite brands for organic skin care products in Pakistan. This is pure, activated charcoal with 0% of chemicals or artificial elements. It is proven and easy to use. If you want a perfect smile then you should definitely go for this.

Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening will cost you 899 rs.

Freeman Anti Stress Mask With Dead Sea Minerals

This is your only aid to clear pores, no blackheads and to get rid of dirt and pollen with a refreshing aromatherapy. Freeman is the best company if we talk about face masks.

Freeman Anti Stress Mask will cost you 450 rs.

Clean and Clear Face Wash

Clean and clear face wash is a very old and renowned product. It is best for everyday use to get rid of oil and dirt. It is really good for the people who experience facial oil problems.

Clean and Clear Face Wash will cost you 250 rs.

Saeed Ghani Multani Mitti Mp3

Saeed ghani multani mitti mp3

Sandal Powder by Saeed Ghani

Saeed Ghani, ypu must have heard about this brand name before. This brand is really amazing, especially for the girls who are very near to be a bride. Their sandal powder powder is very soothing and it leaves your skin glowing.

Sandal Powder by aseed Ghani will cost you 150 rs.


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Hemani Herbal Aloe Vera And Cucumber Soap (by Waseem Badami)

Hemani Herbal is a recently launched brand. It is growing really fast because of it’s rapid and satisfying results. Their organic soaps are pretty impressive. The best one, which suits every skin type is aloe vera and cucumber soap.

Aloe Vera and Cucumber soap will cost you 135 rs.

Freeman Facial Polishing Mask Charcoal & Black Sugar

It is a purifying mask to remove all the impurities and make your pores clean. Also, it have the best exfoliating mask qualities.

Freeman Facial Polishing Mask Charcoal & Black Sugar will cost you 450 rs.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

This is the best product to remove your makeup, excess oil, dirt, and impurities easily without any hassle. It treats pimples, pigmentations and skin damages by adding this to your daily cleansing skincare routine.

Garnier Micellar Water will cost you 500 rs.

Multani Mud Powder by Saeed Ghani

Multani mitti is one of the oldest gharelu totka for hydrated, smooth and soft skin. This formula prevents the creation of new blackheads and removes existent ones simultaneously.

Multani Mud Powder by Saeed Ghani cost 200 rs.

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Charcoal Detox Face Wash

Excellent for a clearer, fresher and plump everyday skin! Perfect for those who have oily skin. It is your aid to no pigmentation and an even complexion.

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Charcoal Detox Face Wash will cost you 600 rs.

Hemani Herbal Rose Water (by Waseem Badami)

Rose water is the best toner for every skin type. It is harmless and organic. Rose water cools the skin and smoothens its texture.

Hemani Herbal Rose Water (by Waseem Badami) will cost you 160 rs.

Lush Organix – Lip Scrubs

Lush organix has the best lip scrubs in town. They are edible and you can get them in three flavors; they are choco loco, very berry and cotton candy. They come in super cute packaging.

Lip Scrubs by Lush Organix will cost you 550 rs.


Garnier Hydra/Moisture Bomb Tissue Face Masks

There is a vast variety of hydra and moisture bomb tissue masks in Garnier. These floods your skin with intense, weightless hydration.

Garnier Hydra and Moisture Bomb Tissue Face Masks will cost you 300 – 350 rs.

Pond’s Clear Solutions/ Pure White Face Wash

These face washes are anti bacterial and helps you to clarify your skin. they extract all the impurities and pollution out of your dull skin and make it fresh. Only after one use you would be able to see smooth and glowy skin.

Pond’s Clear Solutions Face Wash will cost you 410 rs.

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Vaseline Lip Therapy (Rosy Lips)

Vaseline, of course, the total moisture kit. Vaseline lip therapy lip balms are a must have essential. Also, these come in adorable, little containers which means you can carry them in pocket.

Vaseline Lip Therapy (Rosy Lips) will cost you 350 rs.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50

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Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock contains SPF 50. It gives your skin a wide spectrum UV protection with the waterproof and sweat proof formula. Ultra Sheer Dry Touch is long lasting sunscreen which is ideal for your skin

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50 will cost you 269 rs.

At last! We are done with the 15 must-have, reasonable skin care products. These products will definitely help you nourish and hydrate your skin. You will fee fresh and active. So no more blackheads or pimples. Bye-bye dull skin!!