Simon Says For Teens

'Everybody have a seat in themiddle of the floor! We are about to play Simon Says!.. Okay.. everyoneknows the rules, right? Nobody does anything unless Simon (that’s me) says so, andif Simon says you must do it! If you are called out you must leave the floor.Are we all clear on that? You sure? Okay! We'll start now.
Everybody stand up so we can getgoing! .. (to everyone who stands up) YOU'RE OUT! Okay, okay, just kidding,that was a warm up. Simon says stand up so we can get started.
Simon says toSwing your arms.
Simon says for teenagers

Simon Says For Teenagers To Play

Stop.(if they stop, they’re out)

Tell Simon to order the players to perform a series of tasks, increasing the speed of the requests and movements over time. Adobe premiere pro cc free download. If Simon says 'Simon says' before a request, the players are to copy the movement. Simon Says Ideas. Simon says pat your head. Simon says play your air guitar. Simon says point to something (insert color or shape) Simon says act like a monkey. Simon says act like a robot. Simon says play the air drums. Simon says play air piano. Simon says beep the horn. Simon says bend your.

Hmmm, thatwasn’t very good. Everybody try that again. (if they do, they’re out)
Simon says togiggle

Simon says to laugh(Go fast after this)
Simon says to Spinaround twice
Simon says to jump
Simon says to leap
Stop. (if they do,they’re out)
Simon says toplay air guitar
Now act like arockstar. (if they do, they’re out)
Act like apig (if they do, they’re out)
Point to the playground(if they do, they’re out)
Now open your eyes (if they do, they’re out)
Shout your name (if they do, they’re out)
Touch your toes (if they do, they’re out)
Simon says point to your right. (facing you, they should be pointingleft)
Now Look down (ifthey do, they’re out)
Simon says clap twice.
Simon says touch your finder to your nose
Wink at the person next to you (if they do, they’re out)
Touch your head.
Stand on one foot. (if they do, they’re out)
Simon says Standup tall. (ifthey do, they’re out)
Put your hands onyour hips. (ifthey do, they’re out)
Simon says take alarge step forward
Take a large stepbackwards (ifthey do, they’re out)
Simon says freeze
Now un-freeze and wiggle it out (if they do, they’reout)

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