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Simple Logo is a quick and dynamically animated After Effects template with a smooth looking logo reveal. This template contains 1 editable text layer, 1 logo placeholder and full-color controller. Impress your audience with this quick and creatively animated AE template. Available in 4K and Full HD. You can check out my other templates here. Simple Logo Animation is a fun and creative After Effects template. Charming and characteristically animated shape layers that elegantly reveal your logo. Perfect as a short intro to your Twitch, Youtube, Linkedin, Vimeo Twitter, Behance and Facebook channels. After Effects Template: Flip Logo Reveal. This last free After Effects template is the most simple one on the list, but also the most versatile. Plug your logo into the project and it will animate a ‘flip’ effect to reveal. It’s a clean modern look that can be used in a variety of projects. Download Free After Effects Template.

The following FREE After Effects templates feature creative typography and animated typefaces. Build up your motion graphics library!


Whether you are a professional motion graphic designer or a novice After Effects user, the following free After Effects templates make it exponentially faster (and easier!) to integrate animated type into your projects.


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1. Anodine: Free After Effects Typeface

Anodyne is an animated typeface created by the motion graphic experts at Animography. You can download a free version of Anodine from Animography’s website. A paid version is also available which features options for variable line thickness, 8 colors, elasticity and damping.

2. Mega Title Pack: Free After Effects Templates

The Mega Title Pack is essentially 100 separate free After Effects templates in one big pack. From grungy to modern, this typography pack covers a ton of different styles.


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Simple Logo Animation After Effects Program

3. Franchise: Free After Effects Typeface

Franchise is one of the most popular free typefaces on the Internet. However, the good people at Animography have created an animated version completely free for you to use on your next motion graphics project. Each letter was created by a different motion graphic designer. The bold and simple design of the typeface makes it a great fit for a wide variety of video projects.

4. Alphaballs: Free After Effects Typeface

Simple Animation After Effects

Alphaballs is a free After Effects typeface that features an organic bubble-based animated font. The template features a very easy-to-read san-serif font and also includes a free Cinema 4D file.

5. Type-O-Matic: Free After Effects Template

Type-O-Matic is a free After Effects template that allows users to create their own custom animated typefaces. The download includes three free templates each with a different design style. Users can control the objects rotation, scale, opacity, mask, and velocity.

6. Typography World: Free After Effects Template

This free After Effects template features 15 different typography scenes. Users will be able to pick from various templates like word-trees, animated phrases, and bouncing text.

7. Kinetic Typography: Free After Effects Template

This free After Effects template not only features fast paced typography, but also drop zones for pictures. The template doesn’t require any plugins so you can use it natively in After Effects.

8. Green Typography Outro: Free After Effects Template

This typography template was designed to be put at the end of your video projects. The template features a customizable call to action along with icons for various social media accounts.

9. Short Kinetic Typography: Free After Effects Template


This free After Effects template showcases kinetic type – a style that’s exploded in popularity recently. Users have the ability to change the typography and color scheme.

10. RED Outro: Free After Effects Template

The red outro AE template is meant to be used as a close for business and corporate videos. Fcb1010 ableton keyboard. Users can customize the ending text to include their own brand’s name and information. This free After Effects template can easily be changed to another color if you prefer.

Simple Logo Animation After Effects

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