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We came across Syrinscape in the second half of 2019 and, to be honest, I was immediately sold with the logo—I love sirens! I’m happy to report, though, that the music is just as incredible as the gorgeous branding made it seem like it would be!

We reached out to the Syrinscape team, and they gave us free access to their fantasy player for a year so we could tell you more about it.

Each siren sound below includes its own audio player. To hear the sound, click or tap the start arrow on the player. Right click or touch and hold on the description link below the player and it will open a menu for you to save or share the sound file. All sounds are in wav format and are absolutely free. Siren Sounds features a wide range of high quality incredible siren sound clips and effects with multiple play options. It is the ultimate soundboard for siren lovers, or those who wish to prank their friends and neighbors!

  • Siren and alarm sound effects (62) This category is full of different free siren and alarm sound effects that you can download and use in your projects. From ear piercing car alarms through to burglar and intruder alarms, air raid sirens from WW2 and more.
  • This is a sound of Police siren and it last for around 50 seconds. This is a European cop or policia. Great for emergency or cop scenes for movies based in the EuroZone.
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Jonathan and I are really into immersion at the gaming table: the more epic and sensory we can make the experience, the better.

What It Is

They answer this question really well, so we’ll let them take the reins here first:

Beautiful, immersive, dynamic music and sound effects for your favorite tabletop games.”

– from the Syrinscape homepage

There are two different ways of adding Syrinscape to your D&D table.

Both of the links below take you to the download page. If you want to go the free route or if you want to try it out first, which we always recommend when possible, after you download the fantasy player app, you can activate your ten free tracks.

Test it out for a few sessions and see what you think, and then you can either add a monthly subscription or buy individual tracks later!

Siren Sounds Police Siren

Free version

The free version of the Syrinscape Fantasy player gives you access to ten diverse tracks that can be used in a wide variety of in-game situations. My personal favorite of these is the “Red Dragon City Raid” which takes you from an innocent city going about its business one morning through a red dragon attack and dealing with the smoldering remains afterward!

Siren Sound

Monthly Subscription version

Similar to Spotify or other monthly music subscription service, you can opt for access to all of Syrinscape’s fantasy and D&D soundtracks for $7.15/month.

Quick note for the sake of clarity: At the time of writing, these payments are made every two months for $14.30. Photoshop cs5 extended system requirements.

Why we love it

Based in Narrative

One of my favorite aspects of the Syrinscape Fantasy player is that each soundtrack is set up to tell a story. Innocuous yet mood-setting opening tracks can give way with the touch of a box to a dangerous plot escalation.


Each set of soundtracks has an array of sounds included for the different parts of the story. You can turn on or mute particular tracks or change their volume.

If you’re like us and have a dog who is easily upset by bird calls, for instance, you can turn them off while maintaining the rest of the ambiance.

Additionally, each track has special effect buttons along the side. In “Lycanthrope Stalker,” for example, you can press a button and add a clap of thunder or a distant howl to increase the tension in a particular moment.

Using it in a duet

In almost any type of D&D, the DM is going to have a lot to manage. In one-on-one D&D, however, they have the additional problem of no tiny break moments while players RP with one another.

Because of this lack of in-game downtime, we recommend at least trying out having the player be the one who runs the soundtrack for your sessions. (You can read more about that here.)

With Syrinscape, the player can pick out a mood in advance, such as the “Witchwood” soundtrack, based on the DM’s chosen starting location, and if something changes drastically mid-session, they can always change it while their DM adjusts as well.

Siren Sound Mp3

Other cool things!

Syrinscape is the first official sound-provider of D&D! If you’re playing through Waterdeep: Dragon Heist like we are, for instance, there are sound settings created for different narrative moments and locations in the official storyline!

Closing thoughts

Siren Sounds Youtube

We hope this has given you plenty to think about for immersive sound at your gaming table! I know that we’ve recommend other sites in the past, and we would encourage you to try out all the different options to see what works best for you.

Siren Sound

The biggest issue we’ve run across with any of the RPG sound systems is compatibility with our different technologies and how much space we have on our gaming table. At present, we use a mix of Syrinscape and Spotify when we’re gaming and really like the flexibility this provides.

Thanks,, for taking the time to write about Syrinscape.