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Capture your screen within seconds!

Snagit is an easy-to-use, simple, and lightweight screen recording program for Windows PCs. With this screen capture tool, you can select and edit a specific area on the screen. It’s an ideal choice for bloggers, video creators, journalists, meme creators, presenters, IT workers, forum posters, and other people looking to capture screenshots of their desktop. Developed by TechSmith, this tool comes with a wide range of features to play around with output files. The latest version of the program adds new tools, streamlines the interface, and revamps existing features.

Download Snagit 2019 for free Snagit 2019 is here to solve this conflict once and for all. With a single program, you can capture your screen, edit it, share it, and even record video of your screen easily and quickly, without having to resort to other applications. SNAGIT 2021 SNAGIT 2020 SNAGIT 2019 SNAGIT 2018; Adjustable Template Layouts: Font and Shadow Adjustment in Themes: Move Mode for Simplify Tool: Custom Color Palettes for Simplify Tool: Offset Magnify Tool: Create Image from Template: Create Video from Images: Slack Sharing Output: Box Sharing Output: Arrow Tail Callouts: Snagit Asset Store. Apr 15, 2021 With this screen recorder, you can capture or edit the computer’s screen with ease.Moreover, the output files can be directly shared over email. It’s worth mentioning that Snagit is a simple tool for Windows computers, and works in a much better way than counterparts like Free Screen Recorder.

Fast, lightweight, and hassle-free!

With its simple screen recording interface, Snagit is a great choice for individuals and businesses alike. It allows you to take screenshots within seconds and even provides you with basic editing features to manipulate output files. With the program, you can edit the screen captures with ease, and share them quickly over email. While this is a basic tool for Windows PCs, it’s much better than counterparts like Free Screen Recorder. Unlike other options available online, it lets you use several tools to enhance screenshots.

Does Snagit let you merge images?

With the Combine Images feature, you can easily merge multiple images into a single file. It allows you to display multiple screenshots in one image, which is ideal for presentations, tutorials, and guides. All you need to do is highlight the specific images you want to merge and select the Combine option in the Template. Additionally, the program allows you to mark the combined images with data, text, arrows, and several other items.

Does Snagit have pre-made stamps?

Snagit 2019 Free

While programs like CamStudio let you convert snapshots to videos, this one comes with over 2,000 pre-made stamps, which denotes a category of symbols, icons, cursors, and many other elements. With a comprehensive “Stamp Search and Browsing” feature, you can sort through various options in the library. Just a few simple keywords can help you search the right set of Stamps to make quick edits.

Is Snagit easy to use?

Snagit 2019 license key free

As mentioned earlier, this tool comes with plenty of features, including Blur, Arrow, and more. You can add these options to the Favorites Tool category to save a good amount of time. There’s also a Quick Styles box for easy access to multiple elements. From here, you only need to click the icons to start using certain features. Once again, this helps you save a lot of time.

While apps like Nvidia GeForce Shadowplay are specifically designed for gamers, others are too basic with minimal features. On the other hand, this program lets you capture even cascading menus with ease. With this tool, you can take screenshots of multiple Windows features without them disappearing with the press of a key.

While using this image tool, you can set the delay timer to a specific number of seconds. With the capture shortcut key, you can easily record the screen without much hassle. There’s also the option to set screen capture interval times, and even schedule screen captures.

Does Snagit have an editor?

With Snagit, you can apply special effects to images. While they aren’t as powerful as Pixlr Editor, they let you use text, borders, grayscale, and arrows. Though this doesn’t aspire to be a premium editing tool, it comes with a video recording feature—which includes the audio track captured from the Windows output or microphone.

Does Snagit support multiple file formats?

With this program, you can save captured screenshots on the hard disk in 19 different formats. These include JPG, BMP, PSD, and GIF. Additionally, you can save captures as PDF, MHTML, and SWF. One of the most prominent features here is the integrated GIF creator, which is perfect for meme creators and bloggers or vloggers.

The latest version of the program comes with several improvements and brings new features, such as Color Adjustment, Highlight, Watermark, and more. For Microsoft Windows PCs, this lightweight program is an excellent choice.

Our take

Without a doubt, Snagit is a reliable, efficient, and well-designed app that perfectly performs the task of capturing your desktop screen. With the simple interface, you can start using the program from the get-go. It’s easy-to-use and its simple features allow you to create GIFs within seconds.

Should you download it?

Yes, definitely! Snagit adds more value to your set of OS tools and allows you to record the screen without any issues. Since the program is lightweight, it doesn’t affect system resources and lets you record the screen easily.

Snagit 2019 License Key Free


Snagit 2019 Free Download For Windows

  • Easy to use
  • Professional appearance
  • Can create screencasts
  • Fast screenshots

Techsmith Snagit 2019 Free Download


  • Editing tools could be improved
  • Video editing requires additional software
  • Can get costly the more it’s used

Snagitfor Windows


Although it seems very simple, taking screenshots on the PC has always been a tedious procedure. It was just recently that the operating systems of Mac and Windows decided to include applications to perform this procedure more efficiently, but even so, the options they offer are scarce, and therefore many people continue to use the primitive procedure of pressing the Prnt Scrn key and paste the screenshot in another image processing program.

Snagit 2019 is here to solve this conflict once and for all. With a single program, you can capture your screen, edit it, share it, and even record video of your screen easily and quickly, without having to resort to other applications.

Now that we live permanently connected to computers is mandatory to be able to take screenshots. Is then a good investment to acquire Snagit 2019? How much superior is this program with respect to the basic functions of the pc? Next, I answer those questions in this Snagit 2019 Review.

Snagit FunctionsandFeatures

The main attraction of Snagit is its multiplicity of options and tools. This program covers all the needs that a user may have when making a screenshot and also requires very little skill to learn how to use it.

Below I mention their most outstanding features and functions:

  • Capture any part of your screen: With Snagit, if you can see it, you can capture it. Choose freely which part of the screen you want to capture. You can choose from full screen to just a button or an image within a window, or simply draw a rectangle over the specific space you want to capture. You can also create scrolling screenshots on long pages.
  • Custom edition of the capture: As soon as you select the screen space you want to capture, Snagit immediately sends it to the editing interface. If you don’t want to edit it, you can simply save or copy it, but if there’s something you don’t like about the capture, you can easily modify it: move buttons, delete personal data, rotate the image, and more.
  • Add details to the capture: The Techsmith team knows that most of the time we take the capture to show data or explain processes, so they offer us a wide variety of tools to complement the capture with explanatory details, such as: arrows, lines, figures, dialogue clouds, text, labels, highlighters, among many others.
  • Combine images: Snagit saves in its catalog all the captures you make, so later you can combine several of them and make collages, memes or explanatory posters.
  • Record video from the screen: Have you heard the phrase “Show rather than tell”? To make life easier when we want to make a tutorial, share a gameplay or show our progress on drawing, Snagit allows us to record everything that happens on our screens and save it as an MP4 file or as an animated Gif.
  • Grab Text: You can now deal with web pages that do not allow copying. Snagit offers the option of extracting the existing text in the screenshots and exporting it to a text processing program such as Office Word.
  • Share or export your screenshot: When you are satisfied with your screenshot you can go to the share button and choose one of the many places to send your screenshot. The generic way is through, where you can upload any of your screenshots and instantly get a URL to share with your friends or co-workers. You can also send the capture to other services or social networks, such as Google Drive, Youtube and Facebook.

Pros and Cons of Snagit

As useful as a program may seem, it is essential to know it in depth before making an investment. Taking this into account, I share with you the main pros and cons of having this program:Ff lol.


  • Capture all the spaces on the screen, even when you have to scroll to see the content.
  • Records video from your screen including video games.
  • Capture editor with advanced options.
  • Direct options for sharing and exporting
  • Easy to use and customizable
  • Free trial for 15 days


Snagit 2019 Free Download

  • More expensive than other capture programs
  • Slow speed to run some options
  • Allows only 1 format to export videos.

Free Snagit App

On this basis I can only say that Snagit’s functions far exceed the possibilities you have for taking and editing your captures with the basic tools of your computer, and if you often take captures the best decision you can make is an investment in this program. To save time and avoid annoyances at the time of making captures, Snagit 2019 is the one.