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The best-known screen capture programs include ShareX, Greenshot, Snagit, PicPick, FastStone Capture, LightShot and Screenshot Captor. Most are free or donationware, though Snagit, PicPick. Create new screen snip or open image file. – Mark up images with pen, pencil, or highlighter. The drawing canvas supports inking in the margins. Save, copy to clipboard, or share your creation.

Sep 19, 2020 7 ways you can take screenshots in Windows 10. Capture all of your Windows 10 screen - or just part of it - with a few keystrokes.

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Snagit Screen Capture Not Working

  1. The Snagit interface looks very small compared to other applications When starting a capture, the entire screen magnifies and zooms in.
  2. Sep 18, 2015 Snagit 12 has shrunk its interface into a small black widget with a big red button on the edge of the screen. All the settings and function items are hidden. Thus, it takes a little longer to make a change in settings and others.

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Screenshots enable you to share funny conversations, help you ask for troubleshooting and record exciting moments in games. Taking screenshots will be much simpler and easier as long as you choose the right tool. Snagit is one of the most popular screenshot tools. However, it is still not 100% perfect when compared with other screen capture programs. This article will provide a review of Snagit vs. Snipping Tool/Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro/Jing/Greenshot, comparing some important aspects so that you can have a clear perspective of their values.

1. Snagit vs. Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro

When evaluating a program, interface is one of the most important parts. A good interface will guide users to use the program without any hassle. Snagit 12 has shrunk its interface into a small black widget with a big red button on the edge of the screen. All the settings and function items are hidden. Thus, it takes a little longer to make a change in settings and others. On the contrary, Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro has a much bigger and more aesthetically pleasing interface which shows you necessary options and settings. Therefore, it is super easy to know how to use it even at your first try. You can download it and have a preview of it.

As for the function of taking screenshot, both of them allow you to capture any region on the screen and also things beyond the screen in scrolling windows. With this feature, you can capture full webpages, all contents in a Word document and all file items in a scrolling Windows Explorer. But one advantage of Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro is that it has a task scheduler which can take screenshots automatically even you’re not in front of the computer.

Snagit Shrinks Screen

When it comes to image editing, both these two tools come with image editors. Cached. The style of Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro’s image editor is like, but way more powerful and innovative than, Microsoft’s Paint. Snagit’s image editor is consistent with its main interface. Black is its main color and the structure is designed independently – Snagit unique. In the perspective of functions, they are equally robust enough for you to make perfect screenshots and images.

Apart from that, these two programs also provide an additional function of recording screen. But Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro allows you to add marks to the video in real-time recording, which is not achieved by any other software.

2. Snagit vs. Jing

These two programs are both developed by TechSmith. Both of them adopt a widget to hide the main interface. And you can also take screenshot, record screen and edit images with these two tools. But please notice that Jing is the lite version of Snagit and it is completely free. And accordingly, it has a lot of shortages in all functions when compared with Snagit. And if you need more advanced and cooler features in capturing screen, then, it is no wonder that paid one will win the battle of Jing vs. Snagit. Snagit has more screenshot modes, provides more options in its image editor and has no time limit in screen recording, while Jing has only an all-in-one screenshot mode, provides simple annotating tools and supports 5-min screen recording.

3. Snagit vs. Snipping Tool

If you are working on Windows, you may be familiar with Snipping Tool. It is a small screenshot utility provided by Microsoft since Windows 7. It has four screenshot modes: Full-screen Snip, Free-form Snip, Rectangular Snip and Window Snip. Also, it provides a simple image editor which only supports the most basic annotations. Another disadvantage of this tool is that it has no screen recording function. Therefore, Snipping Tool is not a rival to Snagit in all aspects except for money.

4. Snagit vs. Greenshot

Another mostly used free screen capture tool is Greenshot. Technically, it doesn’t have a formal interface. It always minimizes itself in the notification area. Once you click its icon there, a menu which contains all screenshot modes, settings and other options will pop up. Greenshot can only capture things visible on the screen, and the image editor is shabbier than Snagit’s. Like Snipping Tool, this free program will lose in the comparison of Greenshot vs. Snagit.

Chart and Comparative Review

In order to give you a more intuitive and clear comparison of those five tools, a features chart is provided below. The features will be estimated from 1 (not good) to 10 (fantastic). Blank denotes that the tool doesn’t have this feature.

Snagit 10 Shrinks Screen


Snagit Magnifier

This post gives a review of Snagit vs. Jing and other screen capture tools. As you can see in the comparisons above, only Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro is a real qualified counterpart to Snagit. It has all functions that Snagit gets, and provides even more useful and robust features like task scheduler and real-time video editing. If you want to give a shot, just click the download button below and install it on your PC.

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