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Get Access to Quick Speed Test New Tab search extension. Get Access to Popular Quick Speed Test. Finding speed test online could not be easier. Don’t waste time looking for speed test when you can install QuickSpeedTest.net. With so many speed test available online, now is the time to install QuickSpeedTest.net to enjoy these features!

Using Windows 7? Try these: 64-bit / 32-bitv1.8.154

Speed Test ExtensionSpeed Test Extension

Internet Speed Test Extension

  • Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive broadband speed test from Ookla.
  • Speedtest ® for Chrome Make sure you’re experiencing the modern web at modern speeds with the free Speedtest browser extension for Chrome. Take a Speedtest straight from your browser to get data on your.

It’s never been faster or easier to take a Speedtest. Download the free Speedtest desktop app for Windows to check your internet speeds at the touch of a button. Get a real-time check of your ISP’s performance and detect trends over time with data on:

  • Download speed
  • Upload speed
  • Ping
  • Jitter
  • Packet loss

Human ryze. Available in 17 languages.

Our mission at Speedtest by Ookla® is to make the internet faster by providing data and insights on real-world internet speeds. With billions of tests worldwide, we meet you where you are with apps for the devices you use most.

Note this is not the best download speed indicator. However it is reasonable to assume that this is the real feel of your download speed when you are browsing as the content delivered to your browser is coming from remote server and that server's bandwidth may be limited

This is an alternate to other speed test apps

To get the size of the image file ..
1. You can download the image in your system and get the size from file properties
2. Use Image search in Search Engines to determine the size of the images from your favorite sites
3. Can be used during travel to check the Internet download speed

PermissionsPage speed test extension for chrome
  • This extension can access your data on some websites.
  • This extension can access your tabs and browsing activity.
  • This extension can store an unlimited amount of client-side data.


Speed Test In Windows 10


Google Speed Test Extension

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