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Check the internet performance of one of India's most leading ISP, Airtel. Test your connection's speed at any time, on any device with Airtel Speed Test. Run an Internet speed test through Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE). It's a fast, free way to see if you are getting the speed you need. Test your Internet connection speed using this beautiful, accurate and interactive tool. Measure ping (network delays), download (data getting speed) and upload (data sending speed) and share your results with friends on Facebook, Twitter etc.

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Cox Speed Test Internet Speed

To test your current internet speed, simply choose a server based on your location, and click its link below. Burp proxy tool extension. For more accurate results, you should turn off any applications that are currently using part of your bandwidth, such as internet audio/video streaming, VoIP, P2P, etc. You may also want to temporarily disable CPU-intensive applications, and any third party security software that could block large file downloads and/or prevent redirects (such as Norton Internet Security and Zone Alarm). Priority access, more reliable tests, and longer test history is available to registered users.

Wifi Speed Test

Test Servers:

backyardengineering.com - Fremont, CA, USA
helweb.co.uk - Netrino, Maidenhead, UK
Speed Test Net Speed

Spectrum Speed Test

speedguide 2 - Atlanta, GA, USA

Special thanks goes to all that are hosting mirror servers! Testing from different locations helps better understand your connection status. We are still looking for more quality mirrors. If you can donate some bandwidth, it would be greatly appreciated and help improve this free tool for the benefit of all users. To host your own speed test mirror, please read this.

Test Mirrors Map

Click on a server near you for more information and test links. Double-click to zoom in. Marker colors signify current server load.
4,965,531 connections tested.
Test version 3.09 last updated 2020.09.18


  • The speedtest is HTML5-based, and supports most modern browsers.
  • Please turn off any applications that may interfere with this test, such as P2P software, Video/Audio streaming, etc.
  • JavaScript must be enabled for the speed test to work.
  • SG speed tests measure both your downstream and upstream line speed.
  • The SG speed test transfers nearly uncompressable data, and displays your transfer rate. In perfect situations, this should be very close (~90%) to your advertised/rated line speed.
  • Web-based speet tests are just an estimate of the slowest link between you and the test server. Tests are dependent on many factors, such as time of day, congestion on the path at the time, your ISP's backbone/connectivity, your allocated bandwidth, the particular node you're on, the state of the Internet at the time, latency, moon phase ;), etc.
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