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Our growing range of free thunder and lightning sound effects are some of our most popular and there’s a good reason why. Used in a wide variety of applications, from creating that perfect horror ambience (there’s almost always a thunderstorm) to adding the perfect lightning bolt sound in sync to the strike captured on film. Thunder was one of the first recordings we ever made and it. Rain and thunder. Nature sounds for relaxation and meditation mp3 download. Best online sfx library for any media projects. Eight hour long version of our ' It was a Dark and Stormy Night. ' to help you sleep all night long. This haunting and scary nature sound video adds some.

The Best Thunderstorm Sounds In one skill, you can listen to multiple types of thunderstorm sounds (currently 6). Sonnar Ambient Sound Packs are the best way to relax, stay focused, meditate, fall asleep faster and better! We are using the highest quality field recordings. Our streams are 192 kbps in stereo.

SOUND STORM (the game)

Working with a wealth of clinical research and expertise, we've developed Sound Storm – an innovative application designed to remediate cases of Spatial Processing Disorder in school-aged children.

Sound Storm wraps the science of a clinical remediation algorithm around a fun and compelling game – one that combines multiple reward mechanics with a rich and captivating narrative.

While progressing through the game, children who present with Spatial Processing Disorder are challenged to use spatial and binaural cues (the inter-aural timing and intensity differences which cue where sounds are coming from) to listen to target speech while filtering out distracting background noise.

The Hero


The player follows the exciting adventures of Suno, a young brave lion, on an epic quest to save the galaxy from the destructive and chaotic Sound Storm.

As Suno progresses through the game, various rewards, powers and worlds are unlocked.

Storm Sounds For Sleeping


Suno’s challenge is to save the galaxy by rescuing the wise princess, Nala, who has been imprisoned by a malevolent foe. Using her magical powers, she projects her voice to Suno, guiding him through his journey to rescue her.
Epidemic music.


Storm Sounds For Sleeping Free


Storm Sounds For Sleeping

The wicked Drokon, in his mission to take over the galaxy, has cruelly imprisoned the wise princess, Nala, and unleashed the powerful and destructive Sound Storm.