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Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm; 220 N 5th St., Bardstown, KY 40004 (502) 348-5947. Test Your Broadband Speed and discover the True Quality and Performance of Your Connection. If you aren't happy with your result, you can take steps to IMPROVE YOUR BROADBAND SPEED. Unhappy with your speed? Site speed test. Ireland’s leading broadband providers advertise lightning fast speeds of 100Mbps, 500Mbps and even 1,000Mbps in some cases.

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FAST.com speed test gives you an estimate of your current Internet speed. You will generally be able to get this speed from leading Internet services, which use globally distributed servers.

Check Speed On My Computer

Why does FAST.com focus primarily on download speed?
Download speed is most relevant for people who are consuming content on the Internet, and we want FAST.com to be a very simple and fast speed test.

Test Your Typing Speed

What about ping, latency, upload and other things?

Test Your Internet Speed Frontier

When you click the “Show more info” button, you can see your upload speed and connection latency (ping). FAST.com provides two different latency measurements for your Internet connection: “unloaded” and “loaded” with traffic. The difference between these two measurements is also called “bufferbloat”.To calculate your Internet speed, FAST.com performs a series of downloads from and uploads to Netflix servers and calculates the maximum speed your Internet connection can provide. More details are in our blog post.
Will the FAST.com speed test work everywhere in the world?
FAST.com will test Internet speed globally on any device (phone, laptop, or smart TV with browser).InternetWe want our members to have a simple, quick, ad-free way to estimate the Internet speed that their ISP is providing.

Free Internet Speed Test

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What can I do if I'm not getting the speed I pay for?

Test Your Internet Speed Att

If results from FAST.com and other internet speed tests (like dslreports.com or speedtest.net) often show less speed than you have paid for, you can ask your ISP about the results.