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Winrar is a free app that lets you compress and unpack any file in a very easy, quick and efficient way. The program integrates itself perfectly in the right-button menu, so. Apr 14, 2021 WinRAR for PC Windows is a 32-bit/64-bit Windows type of RAR Archiver. It enables you to hold up your information and decreases the dimension of email attachments. Open RAR, ZIP, and additional files downloaded from the Internet. As well as make fresh archives in RAR and ZIP file format. Download winrar 64 bit for free. System Utilities downloads - WinRAR by Alexander Roshal and many more programs are available for instant and free download.

Download World's Preferred WinRAR Compression Program for free here. WinRAR is also developed in Danish.

UnRarX is a simple freeware utility for expanding.rar archive files and restoring corrupted archives with.par and.par2 files. The Mac OS no longer includes software for unpacking.rar files, so.

File sizes and general compression are extremely important for the technological world. The less you can make a file, the more sharing options open, both for private and businesses. With a compression tool like WinRAR, you can quickly and easily and securely download and unpack desired files. WinRAR is the most popular compression tool, and there are many good reasons for which we will come closer to the following.

The best of them all

It's no secret that there are some different compression tools to choose from. Why WinRAR has become the preferred and most popular of them is due, inter alia, to to:

WinRAR is extremely user-friendly, and all features are easily accessible, so even if you're not technologically sharp, you can easily compress files. When you compress in WinRAR, the files become the format of RAR files. RAR files work like ZIP files, but the advantage of RAR files is that they can usually be compressed from 8 to 15 percent more than ZIP files. This results in larger and more easily accessible sharing options, as your compressed file fills less.

In addition, WinRAR supports all the essential file formats such as: CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7Z and Z archives.

The above shows the file formats that WinRAR supports for compression.


Although WinRAR primarily works with.RAR files, the program is still co-operating with other compression tools and ZIP files. If one's colleague sends a ZIP file, it can easily be opened with WinRAR. Of course, that also applies, if you send an.RAR file, this file can also be opened with alternative compression tools.

Download Latest Winrar 64 Bit

What is unpacking?

Downloading and unpacking files is an absolute necessity if you process files daily. And it's quite simple to get into, especially with a user-friendly program like WinRAR.



If you want to share a specific folder with a colleague, for example, it's not always that one's file sharing service supports the size of the folder here. Additionally, it may take a long time to send the folder to one's colleague, as well as take a long time to download it. By unpacking the folder, it becomes compressed, resulting in a folder that fills significantly less than it did before the packing.

After downloading and installing WinRAR, you can, as seen above, right-click on the desired folder and then start the download. The drop-down window allows you to choose which file format to save. It is not recommended to override these settings as they are properly installed from the installation. Also notice how fast this process is.

One-sided folder also gets a WinRAR icon, so it's always easy to recognize folders that are compressed.


Winrar 32-bit

The unpacking process is as easy as the packing is, and also starts by right-clicking.

Unrarx 64 Bit

There are several options for unpacking. You can choose whether the file should be packed in the same location as it is located, or whether it should be a specific place. If your compressed file contains more files, it is recommended to create a folder specific for unpacking as it may quickly become unsettled.

After unpacking a file, it will occupy space as it would otherwise have done if it was not for the compression process. There are also no quality changes, so you can share videos, photos, games, etc. without risking even ending. It is also important to mention that if you have received a ZIP file with, for example, a video, you have to unpack the folder before you can play the video.

Unpacking and unpacking can also be done directly through WinRAR's application window.

It can contribute to greater clarity of directing down and unpacking directly through the program window.

Security and protection

If you want to share sensitive images, documents or files, it is also recommended to use WinRAR. With WinRAR it is possible to password protect one's compressions, that is, if one's file should be shared with unauthorized users, they can not open the folder / file.

Of course, one chooses one's own password, and when this is done, the same password must be used to open the compressed folder / file. It is also possible to encrypt file names, so it is impossible for unauthorized people to find out what the folder / file contains of sensitive information.

Update and experience

Unrarx 64 Bit Free

WinRAR has wheeled all users with compression of files since 1995, and therefore it is a developer with experience. Even when released in 1995, WinRAR quickly became a favorite among many users, and it has presumed the popularity to keep. This is due, inter alia, to that the program receives frequent updates that ensure that both design and speed are relevant. In addition, a variety of variants within WinRAR have been developed, both in the form of language packages while also system variants. It is with us that you can download the Windows 32-bit version of the program. If you want a 64-version, it can be downloaded here.

If you use other operating systems than Windows, you should find the Mac OS version here, Linux 32-bit here, and Linux 64-bit here.


If a program has existed since 1995, and is still popular today, it's something that one has to respect. WinRAR is most user's favorite compression tool, and it is felt especially because WinRAR is also one of our most downloaded programs on this page. WinRAR has made everyday life easier for both private and business, and is often used for file sharing. WinRAR is usually faster to use compared with alternative compression programs, and of course it's a huge plus. The many language packages also result in a broader audience that immediately contributes to the high popularity.

Unrarx 64 bit mac

WinRAR fills virtually nothing on one's computer, and it is barely felt that the program is installed before it is needed. Download rar for pc. If for some reason, you should encounter problems with one's WinRAR, WinRAR also has an excellent support line, which definitely wants to help one - regardless of the issue.

WinRAR is used by millions of millions worldwide, including ourselves, and with the many features and possibilities in mind, we give WinRAR the warmest recommendation. This compression tool is a necessity for any computer.

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