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When RAR files get corrupted you could encounter errors like file or archive is corrupt or unreadable. The article helps you in repairing the corrupt RAR files and extracts the files safely.

  • Open file with WinRar on your device. Select File - Tools - Repair. The program will be repaired right now. In Archive type, you can choose Treat the corrupt archive as RAR or Treat the corrupt archive as ZIP, which is according to your file extension.
  • WinRAR has an option to extract broken files using which you can actually extract the broken or corrupt files – ignoring all the errors no matter what. Double-click your corrupted RAR or ZIP archive to open it in WinRAR. Click Extract to in the toolbar at the top. Choose the destination folder where you want to extract the files.
  • How to repair corrupted WinRAR archive? Recovery Toolbox for RAR helps to repair damaged WinRAR archives with a CRC failed error.
  • When WinRAR file is corrupted due to such scenarios then user may be worried of losing important RAR file. Don't fear and just be calm as user can make use of some safe third party repairing tool to repair corrupted or damaged WinRAR files with great ease.

RAR files play an important role by compressing large files into small archives. This can greatly help especially when you need to transfer large files. This facilitates the easy transfer of the files. The corruption in RAR files could make your files inaccessible or unreadable.

DataNumen RAR Repair. DataNumen RAR Repair is a free RAR file repair software for Windows.

Let us consider an instance where you have downloaded the latest video file in WinRAR file format so that you didn’t require downloading it in a large size. Later when you make an attempt to extract the RAR file it displays an error message “file cannot be opened”. We all know this could be due to the corruption in the files that are downloaded.

How to Repair a Corrupt WinRAR File?

You can easily repair the damaged or corrupt RAR file using WinRAR built-in file repair function. To fix RAR files without any hassle. All you have to do is, just right-click on the corrupted RAR file –> choose Open with WinRAR. Then click on Tools on the toolbar –> choose Repair archive.

Or follow the below mentioned steps:

Corrupt my file

Step 1. Open WinRAR on your computer. In the address bar of WinRAR, you can find the location of the corrupted RAR file.

Step 2. Select the corrupted RAR file you want to repair → click Repair button


Step 3. A pop up window appears, you can click Browse to select a destination path and click OK to start repairing the corrupted RAR file.

After the completion of repairing process, you can close the file repair window and open the destination folder to check the repaired RAR archive file.

The name of the repaired file would be rebuilt.filename.rar.

If the file corruption error still persists on the RAR file, it is best recommended to go for the safe and secure third party RAR file repair tool.

SFWare RAR File Repair tool is the most recommended tool to fix corrupt RAR files without any hassle. The tool keeps your original file unaltered and works on the copy of it. Also, helps in fixing damaged .rar archive even if it’s compressed using different compression techniques. Download the software now and fix the corrupt RAR files in no time.

Bonus information:

Corrupt File Text

You can also try extracting the RAR archive ignoring the errors to get access back on your corrupt RAR file.

How to Extract Corrupt RAR Files?

WinRAR provides an easy option to extract the RAR archive even when the file is broken or corrupted.

  1. You can right-click the corrupted/damaged RAR –> Click Open with WinRAR
  2. On WinRAR window –> Click Extract to button on the toolbar
  3. In Extraction path and options window, specify a destination path to save the extracted files.
  4. Check the Keep broken files option under Miscellaneous in Extraction path and options window. Click OK button to start extracting files from RAR archive.

This process will keep the corrupted or damaged RAR files for you. If you see any error messages popping up, you can just ignore them and continue to extract files.

How to repair corrupted archive RAR or ZIP file Pro tools 2020.3 printed manual. ? We know that file corrupt is one of reasons that lead to archive decompression failure. The other reason is wrong password.

If it is just because of password wrong, extract archive again with right password is OK. Even though you have no RAR or ZIP password, RAR Password Genius or ZIP Password Genius would help you to recover it.

So now let’s see how to do with RAR/ZIP archive corrupt error.

When archive is corrupted, maybe it is not so easy to extract it like when archive password is wrong. But it is possible to repair RAR or ZIP archive successfully with following three methods.

Method 1: Repair corrupted RAR/ZIP archive with WinRAR

Winrar Repair File

Compressed file repair function is integrated in WinRAR. So if you want to repair corrupted archive, you can try to use WinRAR.

Step 1: Run WinRAR and in address bar, navigate to the location where the corrupted archive is saved.

Corrupt My File

Step 2: Select corrupted RAR or ZIP file. Click Repair button in tool bar, and choose “Repair archiver” if there is a drop-down list.

Step 3: Then a new dialog would pop up. There you can choose the location where you want to save the archive after repairment. Confirm settings and click OK.

Step 4: After 100% repairing corrupted archive, go to the folder you choose to save repaired archive, and find the file named _rebuilt.rar or This file is the repaired archive file you want.

Tips: You can try this method, because if the archive is not corrupted seriously, the success rate is high.

Winrar Corrupt File Error

Method 2: Repair damaged RAR/ZIP archive with compressed file repair tools

Undoubtedly, the special compressed file repair tools are available to repair corrupted or damaged RAR or ZIP archive. For example, Zipmagic, RAR Recovery Toolbox, Advanced RAR Repair, they should be powerful than repair function provided by WinRAR. They adopt a variety of algorithms to scan damaged archive to recover archive data, and check the consistency of archive file. All of these make archive corrupted data recovery better.

However, most of them are not free to use. So if you have no other ways to repair damaged archive, they are good choices for you.

Method 3: Repair corrupted RAR/ZIP file with shortcut menu

If your compressed file, RAR or ZIP archive is not large software, but an archive with several files, such as images, you can take following method into RAR or ZIP corrupt error repair.

Step 1: Select your RAR archive and right click it. Choose “Extract files” in the appearing shortcut menu.

Step 2: In the “Extraction path and options” window, choose a folder to save decompressed archive. And check Keep broken files in Miscellaneous.

Step 3: Click OK to begin extraction. When there are errors message prompting you, ignore them and go on to extract archive. Then we will get all the files that are not broken or corrupted.

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