Yasuo Build S11

  • Innate - Intent: Yasuo's total critical strike chance is multiplied by 2.5 from all other sources, but his critical strikes deal only 「 (57.5% + 31.5%.
  • 🔴MY MAIN CHANNELI'm a Challenger Top Main. Been challenger since S7/S8/S9 & Season 10 and peaked 1109.

Lethality Yasuo Montage #2 - Oneshot Yasuo Build Season 11 - League Of Legends Best Yasuo Plays 2020Thumbnail: Tang tang https://www.artstation.com/artwo. Gwen Win Ratio 60.58% Counter Corki Win Ratio 56.75% Counter Twisted Fate Win Ratio 55.83% Counter. #Yasuo #Season11 #GuideI have decided to make an early season 11 Yasuo guide. It is early in the season to finalize Yasuo builds, but I can still give a gene.

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Yasuo build s11 mobafireS11

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