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So, that was the best build guide for Zed in Wild Rift by Dunia Games. Stick around for more gaming info, and make sure to follow Dunia Games on Facebook and Instagram to keep you updated on the latest exciting news and articles. Read Also The Best Wild Rift Ezreal Build. LoL Wild Rift Camille Build - Items, Runes, Counter Guide Camille. Hextech Ultimatum is a great way to finish off mobile champions like Ezreal or Zed. THE MOST BROKEN ZED BUILD ON WILD RIFT! (ASSASSIN ZED) - League of Legends: Wild Rift Build + 60 fps option fixed LETS FIND IT OUT TOGETHER! Item Build Zed Mid Lane LoL Wild Rift Zed adalah salah satu champion yang memiliki skill yang kuat dalam menyerang musuh dari kejauhan. By Adithya On 13 Nov 2020. Share Facebook Twitter Google+ Linkedin. Sebagai mid laner, kalian harus bisa membersihkan lane dan membantu lane lain dengan cepat. Kalian bisa menggunakan champion yang bisa. League of Legends Wild Rift Zed Guide Season Season 2 Patch 2.2 Runes, Item Builds, Skill Order, and Ability Stats. How To Play Zed in Wild Rift.

Along with five new Yordle champions, Riot Games’ League of Legends: Wild Rift balance lead and mobile controls designer Alexander “wav3break” Huang added that patch 2.0 also welcomes a few tweaks champions and neutral objectives.

Zed and Master Yi have received nerfs, while Wukong will be undergoing a quality of life buff. Meanwhile when it comes to neutral objectives, Red Buff and Rift Herald have taken a hit.

Master Yi

Third ability – Wuju Style

  • Bonus true damage now only 33% effective against structures

A minor nerf that lowers the speed of Master Yi downing towers, this doesn’t change a thing when it comes to playing against him. A fed Yi can still wipe you and your entire team out.

As Riot wav3break wrote on Twitter, “This Yi change is more to prevent an abuse case as opposed to actually targeting a meaningful nerf.”


First ability – Razor Shuriken

  • Missile width reduced from 175 to 125

A champion that has the ability to hard snowball a game, this trait makes him one of the most played mid laners in solo queue. His bread and butter skill, Razor Shuriken, has been slightly nerfed. Bfxr to mp3. A decreased width means that you’ll have a higher chance of dodging it, while Zed players will need to be more precise when casting it.

Red buff (Crest of Cinders)

  • Crest of Cinders: True damage per second reduced from (1.6 x Champion Level) + 10 to (1 x Champion level) + 10
  • Evolved Crest of Cinders: True damage per second reduced from (3.2 x Champion Level) + 15 to (1.5 x Champion Level) + 15

Red buff will hurt significantly less in this patch, especially its evolved damage that has been more than halved.

Rift Herald

  • Eye damage reduced from 20% max HP to 15% max HP
  • Eye now permanently closes at 20% HP remaining instead of 15%

These two changes means that Rift Herald will take slightly longer to down. Without the added bonus from hitting its eye once it falls to one fifth of its HP, this opens up a slightly larger window for opposing teams to contest.

Read this thread for the full details of Wild Rift patch 2.0 and its balance changes:

Zed Combo Guide Wild Rift

In response to a comment about Evelynn and Gragas, Riot wav3break added, “Eve and Gragas are on our radars though. We will likely look to nerf Eve before Gragas.”

Which other champions do you think requires a nerf?

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